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DJ adjusting equipments


Abati and I.webp

Kenneth & Gregg

Event Hosts/Founders

Wedding DJ/Coordinator/Officiant 


Kenneth and Gregg met back in 2012. Their common love for entertainment and music had offered an opportunity and now they perform professionally for all types of events.

Kenneth has years of experience with public interactions and entertainment having worked as a performance entertainer at Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida before moving to Louisville. Kenneth is also an ordained minister through the American Marriage Ministries and can offer officiant services for your wedding.

Gregg knows his way around people, and being able to coordinate events comes as second nature to him. His experiences go beyond weddings, he's also a real estate agent, a pilot, and an entrepreneur.  With just as much experience in public interactions, he is never shy to engage in a crowd and get things moving. Gregg is also an ordained minister through the American Marriage Ministries and offers officiant service as well.

Brian Terry Profile Pic 4.jpeg


Wedding DJ

Brian brings new life to ATE! Booking multiple weddings and other events a year, Brian has quickly made a name for himself! Brian's ability to beat-match, splice, roll, and so many other talents has guests always craving more. 

Brian has always had a love for music and feels that it really does bring people together. He strives to ensure that people are enjoying themselves providing great aesthetics with additional special effects as an on. Brian's cool and collected demeanor is always welcomed on what others may consider a stressful day; Brian eliminates wedding stress and turns any event into a great and worry-free party! 

Jonathan Chase Profile Pic.jpeg


Wedding DJ


Chase, one of ATE's most valuable talents, has been creating memorable moments since the first time he stepped foot behind the turn tables. 

Chase has a long history in Louisville, Kentucky rooted in many bars and venues. Chase is a professional above all else who specializes in wedding celebrations and vibing with wedding guests.


"He's so good and kept the dance floor alive!" 

From e-mails to texts and meetings, he does whatever it takes to make sure everything is covered. Chase is known for going above and beyond and engaging with the crowd is one of his specialties.  

Jose Bonilla Profile Pic.jpeg

Jose "DJ Bon"

Wedding/Club DJ


Jose, the newest talent on ATE's roster, has been specializing in his craft for a number of years. Jose has mastered his talents in cultivating all types of genres of music into his sets and loves mixing in Latino touches. 


Whether on the mic or mixing music, Jose has a keen notion of detail; always attempting to execute his performances to perfection. 


Jose's sincere attitude and friendly personality make him a true pleasure to work with! 


Jordan Infoered

Wedding/Event/Club DJ

Infoered Media


A/T Entertainment has had the privilege to partner up with Infoered Media. Often times Jordan will come out to weddings and work alongside us; his mixing skills are unlike any other and his ability to keep the dance floor packed is wild! 

"I've never seen someone mix as fast and effortlessly as he has"

Jordan has been DJing for many years and partakes in a lot of community events all throughout Louisville, a true crowd favorite! Although he is involved in many projects, weddings are his expertise! 



Wedding Coordinator 


Crystal has successfully been coordinating weddings for a number of years all throughout Kentucky. Her attention to detail is unmatched and is known to go above and beyond which is why she remains booked! 


Crystal has also developed an amazing rapport with other vendors which has benefited not only the clients but guests and family as well! 

"I don't know what I would have done without her! She was the most valuable person on the day of my wedding!"


Whether you are having a large wedding or a small gathering, Crystal has the experience and expertise to ensure the day goes just the way you envision it! 


We have had the privilege to work alongside some of the best within the industry. Here are some of our favorite partners we would recommend to anyone still looking for additional vendors.   


Kyle Conder



A/T Entertainment has built many lasting relationships over the years and highly supports and endorses the photography and videography work of Kyle Conder. Conder, a former co-worker and EMT with Louisville Metro EMS is also co-owner of Zaepfel & Conder Productions. Conder is extremely talented and is widely known within the Louisville Metro area. Conder has multiple years of experience and has been recommended by clients and other professional photographers nationwide.  Conder's work is truly unmatched. For more information, check out his FB below.


Olivia Craig



Olivia started photography back in 2014 and has since grown to be a well-known and reputable photographer wedding within the wedding industry. Olivia was a former co-worker and EMT with Louisville Metro EMS before deciding to leave to focus on her photography work. Olivia is known for her energetic and adaptive persona. She caters to a variety of events and is noticeably known to be budget-friendly. If you are interested in her work, you can look up her portfolios on Facebook or Instagram. 


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