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Why A/T Entertainment, LLC?

We offer our services to just about any event you have in mind, though more often than not, we find ourselves catering to those searching for DJs for their wedding. With that in mind, if we focus on that special day, most couples would agree that the most important part of their wedding is when they say "I do".

The most important part of our job is ensuring everything falls in place; whether it's the moment before walking down the aisle, or making your first appearance as newlyweds at the after party, our job continues until the very end of your reception. That's A/T Entertainment.

      When searching for a DJ, it is important to understand the work behind making sure your day is as memorable as you had imagined it. A/T Entertainment doesn't just show up to your reception and play music for 4 to 6 hours; we will spend many hours prior to your special day preparing for your event. We ensure to keep an open line of communication with you as we prepare for your big day. This includes things like: organizing your music and specific playlists. Developing schedules. Placing together your introduction list. Reviewing and going over first dances. Preparing wedding games. Testing equipment and backup systems. Packing equipment. Loading equipment. Unloading equipment. Setting up equipment. Coordinating with event planners, venue owners, photographers, videographers, caterers, and other wedding vendors all before your reception even starts.

      Your dress, flowers, and table decorations will be gorgeous! The ceremony will be beautiful and the food will taste amazing! All of these things will create your ambiance, but they won’t entertain your guests.

      At A/T Entertainment, we will have started playing background music well before your guests arrive. Your bridal party introduction music is cued up and ready to go with your introduction list at hand. We will be the first to introduce and welcome you for your first public entry as newlyweds.

      From there you will be guided into your first dance, (depending on your schedule), and then dinner will be announced. During dinner, soft background music will be played, and either we or someone of your choosing will host the toasts. After dinner, We will introduce other traditional dances like father/daughter, mother/son, and/or any other special dances you have requested… then it’s time to get the party started!



      A/T Entertainment will have prepared a music set containing your special songs and requests that will be missed throughout the night. We will continue with special dances, and also keep an eye on the schedule. We will emcee your traditional special events like your garter toss, bouquet toss, wedding games, and cake cutting. We are not simply playing music as DJs but ideally, we are the hired host of your reception! At the end of the night, we will play your last dance, thank you and your guests for a great evening, and shut down the system. Then we are back to packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking again.

      There is a possibility you will probably spend more on food and flowers than you do on your DJ and that's okay, but in a month after your wedding, most of your guests won’t remember the cake, the food, the flowers, or your table decorations, but they WILL remember what a great time they had celebrating your wedding and being entertained by A/T Entertainment.



Will I really be getting two DJs?


Yes, depending on the service you had selected. We feel being in the field of entertainment, you and your guest should feel at the very least, entertained. With two DJs, we are able to play off one another and cover the room better as we interact with you and your guests. Two DJs for the price of one!


Is two DJs/Emcee guaranteed on my event?


Typically yes, although there may be an event where we can only provide one DJ/Emcee. 


Will the DJs match our attire?


We typically ask about the colors and theme of your event and dress accordingly. You can request specific attire for us as well.


Can I hire just one DJ?


Yes, but our pricing is the same either way! We tend to work better in pairs.


Are you LGBTQ friendly?


Yes! Of course! We do not discriminate!


What are up-lights/wall-light?


Uplighting is lights that are typically placed on the floor against a wall or pillar that illuminates colored light upwards It provides a touch of elegance and ambiance. Our uplighting can be tuned to multiple colors and can remain stationary and or used in correlation with the dance music.


Do you offer First Responders and Military Discounts?


Yes. All police, fire, EMS, military, and healthcare professionals will receive a discount of upwards of 10%! We also host many promotions and discounted rates throughout the year and are budget-friendly!


What if my event runs over the time frame?


We understand that sometimes schedules don't always work out, with that, we generally provide and honor a grace period of upwards of about 15-30 minutes depending on the circumstance. Once we start going over that, we will ask that you pay an additional $150 per hour.



What type of equipment do you use?


Equipment varies though our most common go-to is as listed: For sound, we use Bose sPRO1and QCS K Series speakers as well as Yorkville subs. We are constantly adding to and upgrading our inventory!


Can I really contact you 24/7?


Yes. Being in public service, we are normally always awake! If not, we typically respond within 12 hours.


What does the coordinator do?


There is a lot behind the scenes contacting vendors, venues, reviewing schedules, and planning events to assure everything is moving smoothly. Coordinators run the logistics and operations and are available to our clients who are seeking additional help and guidance with planning.


Do you provide music and equipment for wedding ceremonies?


Yes. Let us know what is needed and we can assist with the process as well.


How long will you play for?

As long as you are willing to pay us for.


How early will you arrive before the event starts?


We arrive about two hours or so before guests start to arrive to set up and test out our equipment. This depends on the venue of course.


Do you charge a fee for set-up and tear-down?

Everything is included in our package


How far will you travel?


We will travel upwards of 30 miles outside of Louisville free of charge and to just about anywhere in the US for a small travel fee!


Is it customary to tip?


That depends solely on your discretion. We will accept gratuity for any work you found outstanding! Typically, if you decided to tip, gratuity is generally 18% to 20% of the total cost of service. Tipping is accepted but not required.


Can we pick the songs to play?


Yes. You can provide us with a shortlist of selected songs or an entire playlist of your choosing!


Can We request a song not to be played?


Yes. We will discuss songs you would not want to be played and assure they remain off the playlist.


Can guests request music?


Yes! Though this will be based on your determination and what is allowed and not allowed.


What does your backup system include


We are very confident in the equipment we use and foresee no such failure happening, though, in the off chance something does happen, we carry two MacBooks, external hard drives, and an iPad with backup playlists loaded to an additional file as well as uploaded to certain streaming services. 


Is there a contract that needs to be signed?


It is extremely important to have your day confirmed in writing! The contact goes over terms of services and liabilities,


Is there a deposit?

We ask you to pay 25% of the agreed-upon amount for our services as a retainer! Retainers are non-refundable.



How do I book you?


You can contact us by phone at (502) 509-1259, via email at, or you can message us on Facebook (quickest response!)


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